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2012年7月15日に El Pais 紙に掲載されたデイビッド・ミラーインタビュー “Los deportistas que se dopan son seres humanos” を訳してみた。

デイビッド・ミラーはドーピングについて語るのを嫌がらないどころかドーピングについて語ろうとする今回のツールで唯一の自転車選手だ。彼の自伝 ”Racing through the dark” の西訳も終わった。この物語の中核は過ちであり、墜落だ。

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MOSCOW, May 20 - R-Sport, Veronica Gibadieva. Russian cyclist “Katyusha” Denis Menchov officially announced the end of a professional career, as reported in an interview with “R-Sport.”

Menchov could not continue the spring part of the season because of a knee injury, and then decided to quit professional cycling. Before the season Menchov has announced that it may be the last for him. During his career, Menchov won a number of victories, including three grand tours, twice winning the “Vuelta” (2005, 2007), and once the “Giro d’Italia” (2009).

"Winning the" Giro "- exactly the greatest achievement of my career. And it was a very emotional day, the day of victory, after a month of crazy hard work. Competition was very close, and yet such circumstances are at the finish line, twenty seconds and touched this fall Was accumulated stress … for all the "Giro", for the entire month, and indeed there was a storm of emotions … Now I was not able to start on the "Giro" because of a knee injury. This was my main goal for the season, and I realized it was time to retire, "- said in an interview with Menchov agency" R-Sport. "

Cyclist “Katyusha” Menchov announced the end of a career | Cycling | R-Sport. All the major sports news




ニンジャスレイヤーだ! と一目見るなり、私は思った。黒い装束に身を包んだ「クラウン アスリートS」。稲妻グリル、あるいはピカチュウ・グリルなどとも巷間呼ばれている、という第14代クラウンのスポーツ系に与えられた、見方によっては天守閣のシルエットのように見えないこともない――

ドアを開けると、赤黒い内装が現れた。オプションで用意されている「テラロッサ」であった。それはまさにニンジャスレイヤーのニンジャ装束と同じ色なのだった……。なんたる偶然! ワッショイ!

トヨタ・クラウン 3.5アスリートS(FR/8AT)【短評】 | webCG



A trailer for “Rough Rider” featuring Paul Kimmage. It’s being filmed this year so we’re unlikely to see the finished version until 2014.

Here’ the blurb from Wildfire Films:

We are currently in pre-production on Rough Rider, the story of Paul Kimmage’s quest to find honesty and hope inside the most physically and mentally demanding race on the planet, the Tour de France.

To this point, we have filmed with Paul as he has seen Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace while Paul himself has been threatened with legal action by senior members of the UCI, the world cycling body.
This summer, we will follow him on the 100th Tour de France. Told against the backdrop of the centenary Tour, and through the eyes of one of the most aggravated whistleblowers in sports journalism, we are going on a journey that could prove to be one of the most contentious sports films of our time.

The film is due for completion by November 2013, with broadcast and screening details to be confirmed.


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